What NOT to Share on Social Networking Sites

I am always harping on about using a business page or profile as opposed to using a personal one but I guess we all do it to some degree, some more than others!image of a businessman shocked

I am also guilty of self-promotion on my personal pages to try and get the word out there but there are just some things that you do not share or publish. So for a bit of fun and to help keep yours and my reputation intact here is my list of 20 things not to share on Social Networking sites (especially Facebook!).

  1. Farmville – Don`t tell every one what cow you’re milking it`s not going to do your business much good! (Oh and while we are on the subject I don`t play bloody Farmville so don`t send me invites or requests!!)
  2. Pictures of you inebriated at a party
  3. Announcement that you are having a party! You may just get a lot more guests than you wanted!
  4. Complaints about your clients or pain in the a**e customers (I`m lucky I don`t have any bad clients!)
  5. Don’t share photos or an event that reveals that you were not sick that day at work
  6. That are you are planning to take a sickie
  7. Drama with your friends or family, doesn`t reflect well on your business surprisingly!
  8. Don`t give out Passwords online (Yes I have known some to actually do this!)
  9. Revealing your thoughts about a particular court case… especially when on jury duty (Yes this has happened!)
  10. Don’t link your personal sites to professional business sites such as LinkedIn.. Keep LinkedIn professional
  11. Financial information such as how much money you do or don’t have in your bank account
  12. Don`t give out personal information
  13. Like Ladders or `How to get more friends or followers`.. Sounds desperate and already sounds like a scam!
  14. That you are going away on holiday (Yes I am guilty of this one!)
  15. The actual dates you are away on your holiday (Guilty again!)
  16. Details about your daily schedule, burglars have been known to use this to their advantage and Foursquare & Check-Ins have their faults!
  17. Showing you doing something stupid, some may find it funny but not really very good for your brand!
  18. Your bodily functions, injuries or scars!
  19. Revealing extreme views on religion or politics, you will always upset somebody!
  20. Pictures of your food…why do they do it?

Think first, If you are not comfortable about it … don’t share it!

Most of us keep our personal and business separate, however if like me you are your brand it becomes difficult. Many of your clients and customers know the person behind the business these days anyway and will probably connect with you personally on Social Media at some point or level. So be careful!

Try to keep your business stuff exactly that and keep your personal side personal. Yes many like to see the personal side behind a business but not to the extreme of posting stuff listed above. Please keep your reputation and my sanity in check!

I hope you`ve enjoyed this? A bit of fun but also with a serious side to it as I have seen some destroy their business reputation online!

What others would you add to this list?


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