5 Things You MUST Be Doing Every Day on Google Plus

With the ever declining organic reach of posts from business pages on Facebook I have recently decided to concentrate my efforts on my Google Plus business page instead and the results have been pretty impressive!

Many of us get stuck just using our Google Plus personal profile and tend to neglect our business page, but stick with it and get in the habit of using your page more. I have noticed 2 things when using Google Plus…

  1. You will NOT receive much engagement in the way of `Likes` (G+1`s) or `Shares`…but
  2. It will improve your search position if you follow these 5 tips below

How to use Google Plus

Here are my 5 tips on to make an impact in Google`s search results when using your Google Plus business page.

  1. Be Active – No I don`t mean you need to be running 5 miles a day and going for a 2 hour swim! What I mean is be active in your Google Plus news feed. Spend a little time looking through the posts of others and find relevant and useful posts from others that you feel will be useful to your followers too. When you come across something that you find could be useful +1 it or even comment on it as this will also help increase your exposure and more followers and more engagement means a bit more power to your SEO efforts.image of a Google Plus news feed
  2. Be Original – Share at least 1 piece of original material each day on your business page. This could be a new Blog post or even an old one that is still relevant to your audience, but remember to post an update with the following: A simple bold headline that is short & catchy, a couple of sentences describing what the article is about, add a link using the link icon and also add the link within the text of the update, add a CTA (Call To Action) for example, “please comment”, “please share”, “follow me”, etc and finally add a #hashtag with a relevant industry keyword.image of a Google Plus update
  3. Be part of a community – Make the most of Communities on Google Plus, join as many relevant (but active) Communities and join in the discussions or even start your own discussion. Get some engagement going and increase your exposure. If you cannot find any relevant communities start your own!
  4. Reshare! – Look for a couple of good articles in your news feed and reshare them on your own news feed or within any communities that you are part of (see first image). If you feel that any articles that you come across will be informative or of value to your Circles (followers) then by all means share it with them.
  5. Respond – Make sure that you respond to all Google Plus notifications. If someone comments on one of your updates reply to them, ask them a question to increase engagement, Google will love you for it!

Your personal profile has immense value in building your authorship and author rank so my advice would be to carry on using that regularly too but take some time and put some effort in to your business page too. Google Plus is becoming essential to any business because of its search engine value, use it regularly, use it wisely and you will see some good results. More engagement on Google Plus will see a better search position, a better search position will see more traffic to your website, more traffic to your website will hopefully see more sales leads and of course more sales leads will see more profit for your business!

What are your tips for using Google Plus?

Please share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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