About Martin Reynolds...his vision, his mission, his values

Who Is Martin Reynolds?

Working closely with trusted partners and local businesses Martin Reynolds offers you, the business owner, the perfect platform to get your brand seen and engaged across various social media platforms, but who is Martin Reynolds?

Martin is a family man, with strong family values, who understands the value of running a successful business combined with the family life and quality time.

Born and bred in Norwich, Norfolk, Martin enjoys the simple things in life…football and his love for Norwich City, martial arts, reading and trying to keep fit!

Generating results for his clients

But his other passion is generating results for his clients. He says “There is no better feeling than coming to work everyday and seeing the results for our clients as a direct, or indirect, result of their social media marketing.”

He adds “When I open up the messages and see another enquiry, another sale and think of the life time value of that customer to our client it gives me a warm feeling inside!”

A couple of examples include:

A £19,000 order for a kitchen and bathroom company within the first week of managing their social media.

Over £2m worth of car sales over a consistent and sustained period for a local family car sales and repair business.

Martin Reynolds

Working hard for your success…

social media engagement

Managing Director

Martin Reynolds

Specialist in helping businesses since 2008 gain more business and save valuable time through the use of social media

Mission & Vision

My Vision

To inspire businesses to harness the power of social media to help them create the perfect work/life balance 

My Mission

To help businesses save valuable time within their business, while generating more business for them. To be part of their team to help them achieve success in both business and in life. 

I want people to say that “Martin Reynolds helped me achieve my goals in business and in my personal life”

My Values

An honest, genuine and loyal person that loves to work with business owners with similar values.

A passion for helping people generate more business, create success but also save them time to enjoy with loved ones and doing what they love best!

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