So how can writing a Blog be so important? I mean it first started out as just a way to let everyone know your thoughts and opinions.

It has obviously developed since then and Blogging these days takes on a whole new meaning. So here`s my take on why you as a business owner should be Blogging on a regular basis.

Why should I Blog?

Today many businesses, large or small, are using Blogs as a way to help increase their brand and online presence. If your business or company website does not have a Blog you are missing out! Just for the SEO benefit image of ink pots from Martin Reynolds, Social Media Consultants blog postalone as Google looks at Blogs because of relevant and up to date content that your Blog should contain. A well written, interesting and useful Blog will help drive traffic to your website and strengthen your search ranking. Here are just a few reasons why you should be Blogging regularly and consistently…

  1. Position yourself as an authority – Primarily, as a business owner, blogging is a great way to share your expertise and build trust and credibility within your industry. You can relay that expertise to visitors to your website and gain their trust by writing about valuable topics or issues that are related to your industry.
  2. Database of your knowledge – Your blog will be your own personal knowledge database, where you can direct existing or potential customers to articles that may just answer any questions they have, or resolve their problem.
  3. Search Engine Optimisation – Your blog will consistently provide updated and relevant content to your site and the ability to include keywords in the content and more importantly in the title. Google will look for regular updates, so your blog can help improve your SEO and search engine page rank and is one of the main reasons that Blogging should be part of your Social Media marketing strategy.
  4. Valuable Content – Your blog posts need to provide valuable information that you share across your social media channels. This will help keep people interested and encourage them to return to your website in the future, it will help keep your brand in their minds too and when the time is right to buy your products or hire your services you will be the obvious choice!
  5. Visitor Engagement – Your blog will encourage engagement, not just on your site but across your Social Media channels too. Interaction will help cement relationships, relationships build trust, trust will improve likability and encourage people to do business with you and your brand. People tend to buy from people and a Blog will help build that personal level within your brand.

image of the word Blog from Martin Reynolds blog post "Why is Blogging so important?"Blogging is one of the most powerful tools you have in your business, it is free to do although some time and effort is needed to get it right. It offers you the opportunity to engage with your clients, potential and existing, and position yourself as an expert in your niche.

Just remember that it will influence your search ranking, Google loves Blogs! Things have changed with the recent Humminbird algorithm update but one thing will always remain important to Google…content!

Blogging for more customers

A recent survey proved that 60% of businesses who do Blog actually acquire more customers than thos who do not. It is ideal content for your Social Media, once you have written a Blog post make sure that you distribute it across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus as this in turn will drive more traffic to your website and result in more sales leads. It will build that trust and relationship between you and your customers. Your Blog can be an introduction to your business for potential customers and clients and it can also be a useful resource to existing clients.

Blogging Tips

Here are my 5 top Blogging tips to help you get started…

  1. Ensure that you have your social share buttons at the beginning, end or both of your Blog. – You want to encourage people to share your content, to spread the word which in turn will generate more traffic to your website and business.
  2. Generate Blog titles that are searched for – Use the Google Keyword Planner to help you research which keywords or phrases are being searched for and use these as Blog titles for future posts.
  3. Use Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter as your distribution channels – Blogging is perfect for your Social Media content. Once you have written a post make sure you publish it across your choice of Social Media platforms as this will increase engagement and traffic which in turn will help strengthen your search ranking with Google.
  4. Tell, tell, tell and NOT sell, sell, sell – Make sure you write interesting and helpful Blog posts and not just a sales pitch! Readers will engage if it is thought provoking content, if it is interesting and educational. They will not even bother reading, let alone engage with, posts that are just a sales pitch.
  5. Make them take action! – Always add a Call To Action (CTA) to the end of your Blog post. You have already grabbed their attention, you are building that trust so now it is time to lead them to that sales pitch or encourage them further down that line of building a relationship with your business. Your CTA could be in the form of a “Get in Touch” link, an offer, follow you on Facebook or just to sign up for your updates and newsletters.
  6. Bonus tip! – I would look at using either WordPress (because Google loves it!) or Blogger (because Google owns it!) as your preferred choice of Blog platform.

image of a question markSo can you see why a Blog is important for your business?

Are you going to start Blogging now?

Are you already Blogging on a regular basis?

Let me know your ideas and thoughts please by commenting below.

Does your Blog work for you?

What are the main issues you face when Blogging?

Why do you not Blog right now?

Until next time