Are you one of those who continue to amaze me?image of Google Plus logo

I am still amazed at how many businesses are failing to adopt Google Plus as part of their Social Media marketing strategy, not only with their marketing but also failing to see the major benefits it can have on their search ranking!

Surely it makes sense that Google will pay more attention to their own Social Media platform than any other?

After the recent Google algorithm update, named Hummingbird, Google Plus has now become an even more important cog in the search giant`s wheel and in my opinion is now essential to any business with an online presence.

Google Plus, what is it?

Google Plus is the search engine platforms own Social Media site and aims to connect social, communication, businesses and people while at the same time help boost your search ranking. The fact that it has now overtaken Twitter as the second biggest Social Media channel should also provoke many businesses in to at least giving Google Plus a look.

The main aim of Google Plus is to help improve the user`s overall experience and is looking for up to date content that is relevant and accurate. Google itself offer some good advice on how to build the relevance of your content for the search engines.

Here are 7 ways that Google Plus will help your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)…image of a magnifying glass over the word Search

  1. Make sure your Google Plus profile is fully optimised – It is essential that you take some time and optimise your profile. Complete all the available sections and within the Story section make sure you add the tagline and a good, interesting and relevant description about you, your business and include links back to your website. Add the contributor tag with a link to your website`s Home page or Blog and make sure that you have a profile picture. Also make sure that you get your Google Plus page verified by Google to add to your credibility.
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  2. Add your Google Plus Page to your website – Make it easier for Google to link your website to your Google Plus profile and add the G+1 button to your web pages to encourage visitors to click on the button and `vote` for your content. Make sure that you have the Google Plus link in your `Follow Us` icons to encourage visitors to add you to their Circles on Google Plus.[dt_gap height=”20″ /]
  3. Appear in Google`s search results – Content on Google Plus is indexed by Google and your posts can obtain page rank and display in the search results as well as your profile. Google basically treats your content on Google Plus as it would any other page on the web. Therefore your target audience could find your posts or profile in the search page results.[dt_gap height=”20″ /]
  4. Compare it to Twitter – On average a Tweet has a shelf life of around 14 minutes while your content on Google Plus can still be found years later in the search results while at the same time gaining more page rank. Google Plus content has an indefinite life span.[dt_gap height=”20″ /]
  5. Authorship to increase Click Through Rates – After you validate your Google Authorship it allows your profile picture to appear in the search results. What this basically does is draw the users eye to your image amongst all that text, builds trust and credibility and more importantly increases your CTR (Click Through Rate).[dt_gap height=”20″ /]
  6. Social Signals – Google will place even more importance on your social signals coming from channels such as Google Plus. Social signals will provide a far better way of improving the quality and relevance of search results. Google are looking at your signals coming from the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and of course its own network too.
  7. Get followed – If you include a link within the text or body of a post Google it is classed as a No Follow link so be sure to use the `Link` option below the post as this will be a Follow link and will help boost your ranking. (see image below)

image of a screenshot of a Google Plus page


I`m hoping you are beginning to see the importance of using Google Plus as not only part of your marketing strategy but your SEO too?

You can connect with me on Google Plus here and if you need any help setting-up, optimising or using the platform then please get in touch to book a 1-2-1 phone consultation with me where I would be happy to help you.

Until next time…


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