As your followers Facebook Timeline becomes busier and busier how the hell do you get your business noticed by them?

Well Facebook has helped you by introducing a Save button, basically a bookmark option where users can save your useful stuff, like links, pages, places, etc so that you can go back and read them or like them later. This was introduced on Monday (21st July 2014) and is gradually being rolled out to web pages and all iOS and Android users as we speak.

Save on Facebook

You should start to see it as an option in your news feed in the form of a button at the bottom of some posts or in the drop-down menu that appears beside each individual post. When on a  business page you will have to click on the […] to access it.

To be able to find something that you have `Saved` you will have to go to the More tab on your mobile or if you`re on your desktop click on the link on the left hand side of Facebook.

So what does this mean for you as a business?

As people`s timelines become busier and busier they are likely to skim read, so it is even more important now for your posts to stand out and be useful and interesting than ever before. If the user likes what they see and believe it will be useful or interesting to them then they will `Save` it to read later, so if they don`t read your post or see your link there and then now all is not lost!

Facebook have been testing this since April and it is gradually evolving to allow not only posts and pages to be saved but events too, this is great for you as a business using the Events tab for exactly that or for any promotions you may be running. Now users can save these details on the go and read about your event later.

Their saved items will be stored basically within their own page but your event, page or content may occasionally pop up in their news feed as, according to Facebook, any links that have been saved will contain a carousel of content that the user has saved which they can flip through and share it with their friends, review it, like it and even move it to their archive list.

Saving great content on Facebook

So to sum up…

For you as a business it has always been crucial to produce great content when it comes to Social Media and now there is the added bonus of getting your content saved just once and read later and as many times as possible. The `Save` button allows for your content not to get lost in the busy timelines and all the noise on the users timeline.

In our busy lives `on the go` these days this is a handy feature that will help slow things down for your followers where they can go back to their saved content to read when they are less busy, relaxing in the evening, in the bath or wherever!

Let me know what you think, if you have the Save feature yet or if you have used it and your experience.

Have a great weekend, `til next time.