How to Increase Engagement on your Facebook Business Page

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The Perfect Face For Radio!

Yes, that`s me! I have the perfect face for radio and a terrible Norfolk accent…so why the hell would I want to do a Facebook Live?? And why should you be doing live video? Apart from the obvious… It is increasing your exposure to your Facebook audience (which is a big problem right now!) It


Facebook`s big announcement

As you already be aware Facebook made an announcement (Thursday 11th January) that it is going to focus on posts from friends and family in the News Feed, which means bad news for publishers and business pages. So is the end for business pages on Facebook? I will let Michael Stelzner from Social Media Examiner


Why not just call me Mystic Martin?

Where`s my crystal ball? Earlier this year I predicted that Facebook Groups would become even bigger and that some of the functionality from Facebook business pages would start to be incorporated in to Groups…and guess what? Yes, Mystic Martin was spot on! Last month Facebook announced they were going to roll out some major changes


Facebook Live – Getting Started

A Tour of Facebook Live So you’ve probably heard all the fuss and the excitement surrounding Facebook Live. Now it makes absolute sense as a business person to get involved and start using it as soon as you can! With the birth of Facebook Live getting in straight away can give you the edge over


Before & After, `Likes` just became more important

Here we go again…Mr Zuckerberg is fiddling with his bits again! Facebook have just released details of an update to their algorithm which to you and me means what? The recent update now appears to place far more importance on not just people liking our posts but actually reading them first and THEN liking them.