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Add your own image to Facebook posts

Choose what image appears in your Facebook posts Just recently Facebook slipped another new feature in under our noses that not many still do not know about. It is a simple tweak but one that can work in our favour and give us more control on what appears in our Facebook posts. Choose what image


Facebook #Hashtags

Facebook Hashtags I`m more familiar with Hash Browns than I am with Hashtags but just recently followed the lead of Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ by allowing the option of adding #hashtags to your posts. “So why would I want to use Hashtags?” I hear you ask… Basically it is a great way of bringing together


How to Hide your Location on Facebook

How to Hide your Location on Facebook You`ve rung in sick this morning and don`t want your boss to know that you`re down the pub or at Newmarket Races so how do you stop Facebook from dropping you in it? Facebook Check-Ins have their benefits for businesses and sometimes I think they are just there


Facebook Reply Button

After months of playing in their Facebook toy box the social media giant has finally succumbed to the wishes of many over the past few years and are now rolling out a `Reply` button on each page comment, this of course will now enable you to reply to individual comments as well as the original


Police or Pizza?

Does humour work on Facebook? A course I attended some years back presented by a social media “expert” advised me to try being funny to provoke engagement, as of course engagement will help your Edge Rank within Facebook. So I set about looking for humourous ways to entice people to interact, to like my posts


5 Ways To Get Engaged on Facebook

5 Ways To Get Engaged on Facebook No I don`t mean getting down on one knee for your loved one but how to get your fans engaging with you, because although you may have a business page set -up on the social media giant it is always difficult to get people to interact with you