As you already be aware Facebook made an announcement (Thursday 11th January) that it is going to focus on posts from friends and family in the News Feed, which means bad news for publishers and business pages.

So is the end for business pages on Facebook?

I will let Michael Stelzner from Social Media Examiner explain as he covers the announcement in detail in the this video

So, let`s look at what this all means…

From my understanding this move is designed to encourage interaction between individuals and building communities within Facebook. It seems that Facebook are going to second guess which content you will see as an individual as they believe that you will interact with that content. Their thinking is that you are more likely to engage with a post from family and friends…and I guess they are right, but people are also still interested in what some businesses are posting.

Bad news for Facebook Page owners & publishers

Yes, this is bad news for us as business owners and publishers on Facebook, especially if you rely on Facebook for traffic to your Blog or website. Mark Zuckerberg has openly stated that updates from businesses will suffer and you will see a further decline in reach that could even be zero!

If you are like us and spending valuable time creating and curating content to suit your target audience then you could be in for a wake-up call. In my opinion, this is a massive gamble by Facebook as they are certainly going to alienate many business users who they already rely heavily on for advertising. It is going to go one of two ways:

  1. Businesses are going to leave in their droves and market their business elsewhere – or –
  2. Businesses are going to be forced to spend more on Facebook advertising to get their messages seen

So, where do we go from here?

From what I can see as a business owner we need to rethink our content strategy and focus on:

  1. Facebook Live Video
  2. Videos
  3. Engaging content, such as tips and advice
  4. Personal elements to try and get engagement from individuals

What we need to refrain from now is:

  1. Promotional type posts
  2. Links to Blogs and external websites

As these will soon be penalised by Facebook and simply will not show up in individuals News Feeds.

One other possibility is to set up a Facebook Group for your business and invite people to join, each person within the Group will receive a notification when you post so in effect you will be getting 100% reach.


It is not going to be impossible to get your updates seen, but it has certainly just got much harder!

It is going to be a case of re-thinking your strategy. I think you will need to produce more visual content that also includes video, certainly Facebook Live video is going to be crucial. If you`re in a business that can offer valuable tips and advice then this is one area where you can focus on as your followers are likely to engage with that content, and Facebook have publicly stated that they will still show content from pages that is getting reactions or engagement.

Also I think the personal and quirky element can work, therefore creating a brand personality is even more important as far as Facebook is concerned.

This could be a worrying time for business page owners and you certainly need to re-evaluate your social media strategy to take in to account these changes. But, it`s not the end of the world! Facebook have made changes before and we have all survived, ok yes, this is a massive change that I guess we have seen coming for a while now…it`s here and we have to deal with it.

Let me know what you think and if you have any questions please get in touch or join our closed Facebook Group to ask any questions on there.

Until next time