"Does my business need help with Social Media?"

To many people Social Media seems easy and, to be honest, platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are quite simple to use, you can possibly set up your profiles and pages yourself.

However, success with Social Media can be difficult.

There’s certainly a risk too, if you don`t get it right it can damage your reputation and your brand, how costly would that be to your business? Are you aware of how to minimise that risk? A couple of things to consider when it comes to Social Media.

Once you and your business begin to engage in Social Media, you will need a certain level of commitment of time and resources to maximise the benefits and there are many benefits to creating an effective and consistent Social Media campaign. On the flip side there is a real danger of damaging your brand if you start to use Social Media and then abandon it because of a lack of time and resources.

  • Do you know how make the most of your time and resources to maximise the return on your investment?
  • How much is your time worth?
  • Do you have time each day to spend on Social Media?

If you’re unsure about the answers to these questions, you will most certainly benefit from outside expertise with training, consultancy or even Social Media Management.

If you feel you need help with your Social Media please get in touch today by calling me on 01603 559188 or contacting me by e-mail

What is Social Media Management?

Social Media Management is a service that takes care of your Social Media for you.

You will be free of the stress and time constraints placed on you by trying to do all of your Social Media marketing yourself.

I will liaise with you or your marketing team and create a strategy to make your Social Media efforts worthwhile and this will take care of everything for you, including…

Creation of your Social Media strategy
A bespoke package designed around you and your business to fit in with your budget
Creation of content for your Social Media channels
Management of enquiries, questions and complaints on your behalf
To find out more about my Social Media Management you can visit the page here or give me a call on 01603 559188 to discuss your options

Why is Social Media so important to my business?

Social Media has become an essential part of your marketing strategy, it has for any type of business.

Even more so since the recent Google Hummingbird update to the way it ranks and indexes web pages. Google are now looking at your social footprint around your website and this of course includes all of your active social media channels.

But Social Media offers you as a business so much more, if done correctly and regularly the use of Social Media can and will:

Increase traffic to your website
Generate more sales leads and enquiries
Strengthen your search position Increase your brand awareness
Put your business in front of your exact target audience
Allow you to interact with potential and existing customers
Monitor your competition
Monitor industry trends
Monitor and respond to customer feedback, good or bad
Help build relationships and trust with potential and existing customers, turning them in to loyal advocates of your business!

How is it so powerful? Surely it is just pictures of food and cats isn`t it?

Yes, you do get far too many pictures of cats and food for my liking!

But from a business perspective where else can you monitor your marketing efforts with such accuracy?

Where else can you find your exact target audience all in one place ready to listen to you?

Where else can you respond in an instant to a complaint or sales enquiry?

What other source can drive traffic to your website almost instantaneously?

"I just don`t have the time to devote to Social Media, how do I make time in my busy schedule?

This is a common issue with many of us, time management in any business is crucial. But what you are basically saying here is that you don`t have time to listen to your customers.

Your customers are using Social Media, they are asking questions about your industry, product and services, they are even possibly moaning or complaining about your business!

Surely you have time to respond to enquiries, sales leads and complaints don`t you?

I can show you how to use tools to save time, how to maximise the benefits from as least time as you can. Yes Social Media is free to use but it does need some time and energy invested in to it.

How can Social Media help my position in Google?"

Google recently updated its algorithms (the method of ranking web pages) and there is now a huge empahasis on your social signals and footprint.

Google is looking for trustworthy, relevant and credible results when people conduct a search and this is where your Social Media profiles come in to play. It is also looking for natural linking back to your website and what is more natural than somebody liking or sharing your content on Facebook, Twitter or even better Google Plus?

The optimisation of your profiles, the use of your Blog and constant engagement will help strengthen your search position

Will it really drive traffic to my website?

Absolutely 100%!

If used correctly, profiles optimised and used on a consistent basis with good strong content then I can guarantee that you will see an increase in the number of visitors to your website. Consistent analysis of clients analytics has shown time and time again that Social Media is one of the biggest sources of traffic to their websites.

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