Ok, I need to get out more, my wife Kelly tells me that often enough!

However I sat watching some re-runs of Friends and it started me thinking…

Friends was first shown in 1994 but what if Facebook, Twitter and co had been about at the same time? Would this have changed any of the story lines or how Joey, Chandler, Ross, Phoebe, Rachel or Monica may have used Social Media for various famous moments in the popular TV show.

So here are 5 Friends moments where Social Media would have come in to play…

1: Unagi

The one where Ross uses Unagi to try & frighten Rachel and Phoebe

Today…he would have probably Googled Unagi and seen that it wasn`t actually a martial art but a salmon skin roll, I am pretty certain he would have used his mobile to record the moment he tried to scare both Phoebe and Rachel and added it to YouTube, What`s App`ed Chandler & Joey, stuck it on Vine and Tweeted about it. Of course this would`ve backfired on him spectacularly when the girls actually pinned him down, I am guessing one of them would have captured the moment on their phone and shared it across Facebook, Twitter and the rest and their friends would`ve been sharing and liking straight away…how on earth could he have `Checked-In`at Central Perk ever again?

2: “Pivot, pivot, pivot”

One of my favourites of all time…

The sofa and the stairway.

The one where Chandler & Rachel try to help Ross carry his new sofa up to his apartment and Ross yelling instructions to “pivot, pivot, pivot”.


I am guessing Rachel would have not even helped and again would have been recording the moment ready to share or even streaming live on Periscope. The hashtag #pivotpivotpivot would`ve been trending!

I am sure there would also be video tutorials on YouTube on `how to carry a sofa up some stairs`.

3: Ross`s red sweater

The one where Ross claims the red sweater confirming that he was the father of Rachel`s baby.


Can you imagine it?

The tweets and hashtags #rossisthefather

Can you also imagine the mess that Joey would`ve been in after proposing to Phoebe, all of Phoebe`s friends would`ve known that she was engaged. Monica, Joey and Phoebe would have posted pictures of the red jumper on Facebook asking who it belonged to.

4: When Will came to Thanksgiving

The one where Will (played by Brad Pitt) came to thanksgiving.

This probably would not have even happened. As I am sure he would have blocked Rachel on Facebook in the first place! Plus I am sure Monica would`ve tagged them all in her post “Looking forward to a great thanksgiving with Chandler, Phoebe, Ross, Rachel, Joey and Will”…it just wouldn`t have happened!


Monica would not have been surprised by his weight-loss as he would have been plastering pictures of the `new Will` across Facebook

5: Smelly Cat would`ve gone viral!

The one where Phoebe introduced Smelly Cat to the world


This would`ve just gone viral…Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram…

She would`ve been an overnight sensation. The others would`ve been recording this on their phones and sharing like crazy, Central Perk would`ve benefited from all the publicity and creating Events on Facebook each time Phoebe was performing, the place would`ve been so packed there is no way they could have got near, let alone sit on, their beloved sofa!

Other moments where Social Media would`ve been involved…

  • Gunther would`ve been stalking Rachel on Facebook
  • Images of Joey wearing all of Chandler`s underwear would`ve been circulating around the Social Media stratosphere!
  • Rachel would`ve already seen the prom video so that would`ve been common knowledge as this would`ve already been added to YouTube & Facebook
  • Rachel would`ve already known about Ross`s new girlfriend Julie as she would`ve seen his statuses
  • The 50 year old stripper at the bachelorette party would`ve gone viral!
  • Instead of the lost dog pictures being posted in local Facebook Groups, Joey & Chandler would`ve posted a `Lost Ben` image!
  • Images on Instagram of Holiday Armadillo
  • Images circulating of Ross`s spray tan on Instagram and Facebook

Which famous Friends moments can you think of that would`ve been affected by the Social Media world?