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How to Boost your SEO with Google Plus

Are you one of those who continue to amaze me? I am still amazed at how many businesses are failing to adopt Google Plus as part of their Social Media marketing strategy, not only with their marketing but also failing to see the major benefits it can have on their search ranking! Surely it makes


Social Media, How To

Social Media, How to Learn More You know you should be using Social Media, you know about Facebook, Twitter and the rest and how it can help your business, but how do you find the time to learn more and understand it? Also how do you know if what you are doing is correct and


Google Alerts, protecting your brand

Protect your brand with Google Alerts How do you monitor and protect your brand online? Are you aware of what is being said about you, your brand, your products or your service? If you are not monitoring your brand then here is my biggest tip to help you easily manage your reputation…Google Alerts, it`s as