Protect your brand with Google Alerts

How do you monitor and protect your brand online?

Are you aware of what is being said about you, your brand, your products or your service?

If you are not monitoring your brand then here is my biggest tip to help you easily manage your reputation…Google Alerts, it`s as simple as that!

What is Google Alerts?

If you have never heard of or used Google Alerts before don`t worry as it is simple to use, quick to set up, is effective and above all else it is FREE!

If you go to you will be confronted with a simple page like this…

Google Alerts protecting your brand blog post

All you want to do is put your business name in the `Search Query` box and select the following:

  1. Result Type: Everything
  2. How Often: As it happens
  3. How many: Only the best results
  4. Deliver to: Your e-mail address
  5. Click on `Create Alert`

It is as simple and as quick as that!

You will then receive alerts via e-mail as and when your company name is mentioned online, okay the results will not show everything but will certainly help you monitor your brand to a certain degree.

Now add your domain name

You then want to do it all again using your website URL, same exercise as above but just enter your domain name in the `Search Query` box instead of your brand name. By putting your website URL or domain name in you are searching for people who have specifically who are linking to your website as opposed to just mentioning you.

You could also add some industry related keywords to the Alerts to help keep up to date with the latest within your industry, it may also give you some good ideas for content for your Blog or Social Media channels.

A short & sweet Blog post for you today, I hope you find it useful.

Until next time…

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