Do you want more Likes on Facebook?

A daft question but as I get asked this all the time “how do I get more Likes on Facebook?” I feel I need to quickly go over this. I would also say 99% of businesses using Facebook are obsessed with increasing their numbers, so much so that many have resorted to buying Likes!

Are you Obsessed or Desperate?

When I look around on Facebook and see some of the posts (and yes I have been guilty when helping a new client increase their following on their new Facebook page!) asking for more Likes 2 words spring to mind straight away – Obsessed and Desperation.

Some resort to buying those Likes, some genuinely use Facebook Ads to increase those numbers but normally with poorly targeted adverts that will see them get a large number of new fans that are completely irrelevant and of no interest to you as a business owner.

Okay let`s presume you have 1,000 or even 10,000 Likes on your Facebook Page, that`s great, it looks great, you are popular…but how many are getting any value from what you offer? How many are actually buying your products or hiring your services?

So you are probably not going to like what I am about to say but STOP getting hung up on the numbers! STOP being obsessed and STOP looking desperate! It is all about quality and not quantity.

Ok so how do you get Facebook Likes that are of value?

If you want followers that are of value to you then you have to offer something of value in the first place. Give your followers a reason to follow you, give them a reason to get in touch, to buy your products and to hire your services…it`s as simple as that.

Look at it for a minute from a different angle…when you see a business trying to build up its number of Likes what does it tell you? Well it tells me that they just view their fans, followers and customers as just a number and not a person. What you ideally want are fans that love what you offer, love what you are telling them or giving them. You want advocates of your products, services and business. You want human beings, individuals and not just numbers.

Stop thinking about your following in numerical terms and humanise your audience.

They all have issues, they all have problems that need solving, they all have emotions and they are following you because you can help with those issues, solve those problems or touch on those emotions.image of Facebook Like

What value do you provide?

Ok so without asking for more Likes, without paying for more fans how do you get valuable and interested people to Like your business page?

First ask yourself…

  1. What value do you provide to those following you?
  2. Why would someone Like your page in the first place?
  3. What is interesting about your page or your business?
  4. How can you help your followers solve their problems?
  5. What would you expect and want to see on your Facebook page as a fan?

After asking yourself these questions you have now probably completely changed your goals and targets for your Facebook strategy and are hopefully now focusing on getting quality followers rather than just the quantity. BUT before you go any further I would urge you to ask yourself a few more important questions and the answers to these will determine whether you will continue to stay focused on just numbers and not individuals.

Look out for Part 2 tomorrow when I will be asking you these important questions and going in to detail on how you can gain more Likes as an authority and not as an obsessed and desperate number cruncher!

Until tomorrow



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