How do you increase engagement on a Facebook Business Page?

Much is said about the importance of engagement for social media strategies, but do you know what it really means to have a very engaged fan Page? Facebook is today the most used social media platform in the world. This means that the chance of your persona being present on this platform is very high. Hence, it is important to understand and master ways you can increase engagement to this network.

Want to know how to increase engagement on Facebook? Below is a list of the best techniques for the network that can help turn your business page around. Read on!

1. Think about your audience

The first key to being successful and increasing engagement on Facebook is basically thinking like your audience. You must bear in mind that social networks are an environment where there are people who are mainly looking for entertainment.

Therefore, you cannot use Facebook as if it were a sales catalogue or showcase for your business because nobody cares. The only thing you will achieve with this nefarious behaviour is to provoke rejection of your audience, and people end up getting tired of so much annoying publicity.

In addition, it is vitally important that you know your target audience. This is because you can’t communicate the same with millennials (18-25 years old) and people between 30 and 40 years old. Since it is not appropriate to use a language that is too informal for the second case, or vice versa, too formal for the younger audience.

2. Use storytelling

Once you know your target audience and their interests perfectly, it is time to design a strategy to capture the attention of these people interested in your company. For this, it will be essential to use the famous concept of storytelling on your Facebook page. Human beings love stories, and this is one way to increase engagement. Tell stories of overcoming, productivity, motivation, and you will see your audience get very involved.

3. Maintain an emotional connection.

Study the psychology of your target audience (pains, fears, dreams) and write posts with an emphasis on it. Hone your storytelling skills and communicate with your audience in a language they understand. Trust and loyalty come not so much from the quality of the product itself and brand awareness, but from the fortune that the consumer can get.

4. Ask questions

Inviting your persona to interact with your content is the best way to start encouraging engagement on your page. For this, prepare posts that launch questions, always relating the content to the services of your business.

For example, if your business is in the field of fashion, you can ask about your persona’s favourite stylists, materials that are in fashion, etc. If you’re in the marketing area, feel free to ask about favourite social networks, speculations and new launches, suggestions for more inclusive marketing, etc.

The important thing is to find a subject that talks directly to your service and encourages the persona to discuss and collaborate with your point of view.

5. Combine images with other forms of interaction

Images and videos are at the top of the engagement generation chain, and it is worth experimenting a little more with these two modalities. A simple way to start is to create collages with different types of images and invite your persona to participate by choosing their favourite.

You can do the same and assign a different reaction to each image, asking the audience to react according to the post. This encourages engagement and still takes a few extra points when ranking on the network.

The main thing here is to keep everything in line with your type of business. However, be careful not to overdo.

6. Be funny

Why not turn a frustrating or negative event into an ironic post? By doing so, you will allow your followers to identify with you and get to know your community better. People love to connect with others and feel understood. We are not asking you to become a stand-up comedian, but to show the human side of your business. Fun things happen every day in the business world too. So, you just have to tell the stories that are already around you.

7. Ask for feedback from the public

People love to feel the centre of attention, share what they think, and feel they can influence the decisions of a brand. Asking your audience for feedback is another great way to generate engagement on Facebook.


Facebook is a great way to communicate with businesses. It is, therefore, an opportunity to develop your community and especially your engagement rate. Just have a broad perspective on your target audience and apply the above simple practices to your brand communication.