Discover how to start, or grow, your online business without making the common mistakes I made!

Back in 2007 I suffered a head injury at work. At the time I thought my career was over, little did I know it was to open up a massive opportunity for me. Here’s my story in a nutshell…

The head injury kept me off work for nearly 9 months. I was employed as a truck driver, driving 44 tonne articulated lorries across the UK. I had to find something else to support my family (I had 3 young children at the time).

I looked at online business opportunities and that’s the road I took.

With very little capital to start the business and very little knowledge, I made some very expensive and costly mistakes. Not just in monetary terms but valuable time wasted too.

Fast-forward to today:

  • I have created numerous online businesses
  • Sold an online business to one of my biggest competitors
  • Trained businesses online and face-to-face across the UK, Europe and the USA
  • Have a client base across the UK, Italy, Spain, New Zealand and Canada.

I have recently set up Launch Business Hub after 12 months of coaching with my mentor Stuart.

My Goal

To create a secure future financially for myself and my family while helping as many entrepreneurs as I can. My passion 100% lies in helping people start and grow an online business and secure your future too. I know that may sound ‘cheesy’ but it is the honest truth.

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An Online Business From Scratch!

(For anyone who wants a profitable online business but doesn’t know where to start)

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