I was asked by a client the other day “why should I use the Preferred Page Audience on my Facebook Page?”

It`s actually a very good question, why would you want to limit the audience on your page, I mean Facebook is doing its best to restrict your organic reach as it is! Well stick with me and I will do my best to explain why you should be optimising your business page audience on Facebook…

Facebook Preferred Page Audience

If you log in to your business page and click on Settings you will see that you have the option Preferred Page Audience down the left hand side (assuming you are on a desktop)

preferred page audience

Once you click on Set Preferred Page Audience you will see that this looks familiar if you have ever set up a Facebook paid advert.

facebook preferred page audience

In this section you can set who you ideally want to see your page and its content. So why would you do this?

Well that is exactly what my client asked me, she also asked the following:

Q: Won`t this Preferred Audience limit my reach?

By setting up your Preferred Page Audience it will not stop your posts from appearing anywhere on Facebook. In fact, your posts are more likely to improve the visibility of your content to your chosen audience and these people are more likely to see your posts. Everyone has a certain level of interest in a particular topic, so for example, a follower of a sports team such as Manchester United may also be a fan of a particular player, let`s say Wayne Rooney, so if your page is related to football it is highly likely that followers of both Manchester United and Wayne Rooney will be interested in your content and not interested at all in other sports such as cricket or rugby.  Therefore, combined together, interest tags and a person’s level of interest in each topic can help determine how likely a person is to be interested in a particular post.

Q: How does this impact organic reach?

While testing this, Facebook found that organic reach remained about the same but the actual engagement went up nad this is exactly what we are looking for. Interest tags help Facebook determine better match content with your audience and actually prioritise posts on specific topics for the users who are most likely to be interested in that subject and content, this is making for a much better user experience which is one of Facebook`s priorities. Interest tags DO NOT limit a post’s distribution, they help it reach the most relevant audience.

My Facebook Audience

So when I set my Preferred Page Audience you can see that my potential audience has gone down to an estimated 176,536,962 (only 176 million then!!) out of the much bigger overall Facebook audience of 1.86 billion…BUT, I now have more chance of getting my posts seen by a more targeted audience who are more likely to be interested in my posts and content!

martin reynolds facebook page

I hope this all makes sense and you can see the benefit in setting your Preferred Page Audience now?

I hope this has helped and as usual if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch or leave a comment

Unitl next time…


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