Social Media your choice

So what`s your decision?Facebook Like image

Do you chose to use social media for your business?

In my opinion there is no choice! Yes I`m biased as it is my business but the whole marketing strategy has changed over the last few years and social media now is not a choice but is essential if you are to market your business and more importantly grow your business!

It is no coincidence that those who have invested a bit of time and money into using social media are the ones that will be and already benefiting over their competitors who still stubbornly refuse to accept that the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ can benefit their business.

The Benefits of Social Media

So let`s forget what the anti-social media individuals think and let`s concentrate on the benefits of using social media.

  1. Improves your SEO and helps with your website ranking, especially when using Google+
  2. Increase traffic to your website potentially drawing in more clients
  3. Builds your brand awareness
  4. Reputation management, monitor what people are saying about you and your business and react instantly!
  5. Monitor your competition
  6. Build up trust and relationships with potential and existing customers

These 6 benefits are just a few, there are more. So tell me again why you wouldn`t use social media?

Facebook is not a passing fad, Google+ is important because…it is Google!

Social Media is here to stay, it is now an integral part of marketing for your business, it is a powerful marketing tool so don`t dismiss it, don`t ignore it but embrace it and don`t put it off until tomorrow but reap the benefits today…you might just be pleasantly surprised!

Be social!