Why you should be using Twitter Lists

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Facebook Live – Getting Started

A Tour of Facebook Live So you’ve probably heard all the fuss and the excitement surrounding Facebook Live. Now it makes absolute sense as a business person to get involved and start using it as soon as you can! With the birth of Facebook Live getting in straight away can give you the edge over


The Power of Listening

The Power of Listening on Social Media Ok, let me come right out and say it…if you`re using Social Media because you want to open those sales floodgates then you`re going to be very disappointed! Stay with me on this one please. This is not what Social Media is all about, as we have discussed


Promote engagement or gain followers on Twitter?

Promote engagement or gain followers on Twitter? It’s a no-brainer. Promote engagement? Who would have thought? I have been flapping about on Twitter since 2009.  It was a very different world then let me tell you. I have watched Twitter outgrow its nest and fly. Various fads and fashions have already come and gone I