Social Media and SEO

So following on from yesterday`s Blog we have ascertained that Social Media and SEO these days certainly go hand in hand.

So to help you get the best out of your Social Media here are my 5 best Social Media channels to concentrate on to get the very best out of your SEO efforts too.


The obvious one, the big player! Facebook has been around for many years now, many said it was a fad yet it is still here, it is still growing, it is still annoying the hell out of people yet it has many major benefits to you as a business owner. One of the major benefits these days is the SEO value and how Facebook can push your pages up the search rankings. As we discussed yesterday in Is Social Media holding SEO`s hand? there are many factors when using Social Media to boost your search engine presence. Facebook has a strong search engine authority so getting engagement such as Likes, Shares or Mentions on Facebook will boost your SEO dramatically.

Google Plus

As mentioned before Google Plus (or Google+) is one that many struggle with. However just the sheer fact that it is Google you need to be giving this some attention. Post links back to your Blog posts and start to build a following on Google Plus, any engagement on this channel will help enormously as Google will and does take much more notice of its own network than any other.


Basically a micro-blogging tool Twitter relates to what is happening right now and Google loves up-to-date information. Twitter with the right message and links can drive traffic back to your website and Blog. Linking back to older Blog posts, as long as it is relevant to your audience, will also help boost your SEO.


A while back LinkedIn was, and still is, a great way to build up your connections but it is also a great way to promote your Blog posts and web pages. Much in the same way as Facebook, Google+ or Twitter you can add a status with a link back to your Blog and this again will help boost your SEO efforts. LinkedIn also has a good SEO authority so links back to your Blog will do you the world of good in the eyes of Google!


Still the new kid on the block but becoming more and more popular. A visual platform and as I have said before images will gain more engagement than a text post. Not just images but videos can be posted on to Pinterest too. I use it to link back to my Blog posts using the Featured Image. Any business can do the same, whether you are a florist or sell screws and bolts! Google is taking notice of Pinterest so is certainly worth a look.

You may have expected YouTube to be in my list and yes it is quite important, especially as it is owned by Google. Yet many of us struggle for content on there as not everyone can afford to have quality videos made or even have the time to do them. It is certainly still worth considering but if not go with Pinterest and add the odd video on there every now and then.

As you can see now Social Media is playing a major part in the way Google looks at your website, it is certainly worth a bit of time and commitment as the rewards can be enormous.

Until next time