These days, using social media channels to distribute content from your blog is an essential factor for boosting your SEO rankings. Since Google`s recent Hummingbird update, Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are vitally important for your search ranking.  Here are my five top social media channels you should be using on a regular and consistent basis:

1.    Google+

Since the majority of people, potential and existing customers included, search via Google it only makes sense that the search giant`s social media channel Google+ should be a priority these days when thinking through linking back to your blog or web pages.  Start off by setting up a profile for yourself on Google+, begin to build a following on the channel and posting regular links back to blog posts on a regular basis.  Engagement on Google+ also counts to helping your SEO ranking, so be sure to use the common best practices such as posting something with a visually appealing image to help boost engagement and drive up +1s and comments on your Google+ page.

TIP: Do not add the link in the post within the text. Use the Link icon option as this is classed as a `follow` link by Google whereas the text link is a `nofollow`.

2. Facebook

Another good channel for your SEO rankings is Facebook, now with over 1.1 billion users and which commands a very high search engine authority.  Forget using a personal profile as this has no SEO benefits whatsoever so set up a Facebook page for your business, grow your following and be sure to post regular links to your blog posts and web pages on Facebook on a regular and consistent basis.  Similar to the way you should be posting on Google+, use relevant, interesting and helpful content coupled with a compelling image to help drive engagement as by increasing the number of likes, shares and comments will also have a positive impact on your SEO ranking.

TIP: To help save time connect your Facebook Page to your Twitter account so that whenever you post on your Facebook Page it automatically goes to your Twitter feed. Remember though that you are restricted to 140 characters on Twitter.

3. Twitter

Love it or hate it, Twitter is a conversational social media tool, but it should also be used as a feed for your blog content.  Use interesting and catchy headlines and a link to your blog post or web pages to help drive traffic back to your blog and website.  Make sure it is relevant, interesting and helpful to your target audience, you can post about your blog posts more than once in a day, and also link back to older content, which also boosts SEO for your blog. Use third-party apps such as Sprout Social or Hootsuite to schedule posts for the whole week to help save you time spent on your Social Media.

TIP: If you have connected Twitter to your Facebook Page STOP it now! While it is acceptable to link Facebook to Twitter I would not advise linking it the other way…Why?

It is acceptable to post on Twitter 10-20 times a day, as a Facebook user I would not want to see that much content coming through on my Timeline from a business.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is a growing platform and not only a great way to share your visual content for your brand, services and products, but also to link back to your blog posts and give your SEO a massive boost as a result.  To encourage people to repin, like and comment on Pinterest, use the most appealing and quirky images from your blog post and use popular hashtags to encourage discovery.

TIP: Make sure you add a keyword rich description and a link back to your Blog post within the description of your image (pin)

5. LinkedIn

Mainly B2B (Business to Business) LinkedIn is not only a great way to build your professional network and contacts, but also a superb way to broadcast your blog posts to your industry and potential clients.  LinkedIn also has great SEO authority and by linking out to your blog posts through LinkedIn you will also build good SEO ranking for your blog. Many fail to use LinkedIn on a regular basis and tend to set up a profile and leave it. Get in the habit of using LinkedIn at least once a day and regularly as you would Facebook.

TIP: Set up a Company Page on LinkedIn as this allows you to add another keyword rich description as well as products and services with descriptions and links

I hope you find these tips useful.

Until next time


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