Are you like me?

You know you should be using Pinterest every day but just find it a chore or takes up too much time?

Well it`s your lucky day because I am about to give you 5 fantastic little tips that will help you (and me!) use it every day in a way that will not eat in to your daily schedule. Right, no messing about let`s get straight in to it…

pinterest pinTip 1 – Save time and schedule your Pinterest activity over the weekend

To help you keep your account active while you are not I recommend using a third-party app such as Buffer or Tailwind. This will allow you to schedule your Pins either through a browser extension or via the platform itself.

This should take you no more than 10 minutes on a Friday to schedule a number of Pins to go out over the weekend.

image of pinterest pinTip 2 – Spend just a few minutes each day Repinning

All it will take to get your account moving is to spend just a few minutes each day looking for relevant content and Repiining it to your Boards. This can easily be done by mobile or tablet these days, so while the adverts are on during your favourite TV show or while you are relaxing in the bath…or even sitting on the loo, just take a few minutes and Repin some Pins from Boards that are relevant and active. 3 minutes a day, 15 minutes a week, and that is a big chunk of your Pinterest marketing done!

By Repinning you will help your exposure and engagement and help get you noticed.

picture of pinterest pinTip 3 – Try and comment on at least 1 Pin each day

This goes hand in hand with Tip 2. While you are Repinning add a short comment to the Pin. The Pin needs to be relevant and you ideally need to add a comment of value, DO NOT self-promote! How much longer will it take when looking for Pins to Repin to add a simple and quick comment?

This will also add to your exposure and help with your engagement, with others possibly looking at your Boards and Pins.

picture of small pinterest pinTip 4 – Look for relevant and influential Pinners…and follow them

To ensure your Pinterest marketing is effective you need to be following relevant and influencers on Pinterest. Use Pinterest`s own search feature to look for people within your industry and simply start to follow them. Just ask yourself the following questions before you follow them…

  1. Are they active?
  2. Do they add value to my Boards and Followers?
  3. Are they relevant?

Don`t just follow anyone for the sake of it hoping they will follow you back. I recommend you try to add around 5 new Pinners each day. This should take you no more than 5 minutes per day.

small pinterest pinTip 5 – Save time by adding your Pins to Facebook automatically

This is a really neat time saver if youo share lots of images to Facebook and Pinterest: Pinvolve is a free tool that will convert your Facebook posts and photos into Pins and also places your Pins on to your Facebook page.It also works with Instagram too.

I do not usually like automation but this is a real time-saver for you. As I said it is free but there is a Pro version that does it all automatically, or you can do a bit of manual moving around in the free version. Either one will save you time.

Let me know how you get on with these tips. I hope you find them useful.

Remember…any questions please get in touch.

All the best