5 Effective Yet Simple Social Media & SEO Tips

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Increase Website Traffic

Increase your website traffic Following on from last week`s Are You Missing Out On Valuable Traffic To Your Website article where we touched on using Google`s Keyword Planner to help you find what keywords people are searching for, we are now going to take that one step further to help you tap in to a


How to Boost your SEO with Google Plus

Are you one of those who continue to amaze me? I am still amazed at how many businesses are failing to adopt Google Plus as part of their Social Media marketing strategy, not only with their marketing but also failing to see the major benefits it can have on their search ranking! Surely it makes


Is Social Media holding SEO`s hand?

Is Social Media important for SEO? These days after Google`s Penguin algorithm updates is it a case of Social Media holding SEO`s hand or is it more a case of them going hand in hand? After a little bit of experimenting between myself and SEO expert Kris Harris we have certainly found a big move


The Benefits of a Responsive Website

What are the benefits of responsive web design? Let`s look at this common scenario…you have just had a brand new website designed and have just read somewhere that ideally it needs to be fully responsive…fully what? What is a responsive website? A fully responsive website is a website that works on all handheld devices from