Ok, so you are NOT obsessed or desperate!

Following on from yesterday`s Blog we have now got away from that number crunching mentality and are no longer obsessed or desperate about just how many Likes we have on our Facebook page, are we?

Adding value to your Facebook Page to get more Facebook Likes

Yesterday we talked about how to get more Facebook Likes by adding value to your followers and I asked you a few simple questions and today I`m going to ask you a few more to help you be more successful on Facebook.

Okay so let`s cut the bull…today I am going to ask you 10 questions and quite simply if you cannot answer all of the following questions then your Facebook page has no value and serves no purpose…it is as simple as that!

  1. What value can you add?
  2. How exactly is your Page unique?
  3. What can you write that your followers (and new followers) will want to read
  4. What content can you add that they will want to Share with others?
  5. Why would someone actually Like your Facebook business page?
  6. How can you be interesting talking about your business?
  7. How will having a Facebook following be good for your business?
  8. How will your Facebook following lead to extra revenue?
  9. How will your Facebook page reflect your brand or business values?
  10. Would you want to read and Share the content you currently put out on your Facebook page?

So cut out all the crap!

I`m not messing about here…if you want your Facebook efforts and strategy to be successful then you need to take notice of the following…

  • Forget about the numbers
  • Focus on quality over quantity every time!
  • Don`t BUY Likes!
  • Forget about using `Ladders` or `Tagging Sessions` these are people and businesses who just want to increase their numbers and have no added value
  • Don`t look desperate
  • Write valuable content
  • Add valuable links to yours and others articles
  • Write `How To` tips to help your followers
  • Be interesting, be helpful, be educational
  • Grow your following naturally and organically, forget the `quick-fix`
  • Treat your followers as people and not just a number

These are basically just a few tips and my opinion on how you can add value to your Facebook page and make it successful for you. Focus on what is important, not just to you but to your followers and the growth will be natural but also sustainable.

So to summarise and put it all in a nutshell…move away from the mindset of you must have more followers, fans, Likes (or whatever you want to call them) than your competitors and concentrate on adding more value. By adding more value this will increase engagement, build the trust and build that relationship between you and your followers.

Before I leave you I just want to ask you one more question…

When the time is right for your followers to buy who do you think they will go to?

A – Your competitor with over 10,000 Likes but just spouts out a sales pitch every now and then and has added no value to his/her followers

B – You with just 500 Likes but have offered tips, articles and been helpful to your followers and engaged with them

Until next time, have a great day.


PS. Please tell me you answered B!


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